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More dancing, less teaching

“Dancing for Busy People” is a collection of over 400 dances using easy to teach dance movements. Most dances use only walking movements based on commonly used square dance terminology. Only 25 basics are used. The same basics are used for contra dances, trios, quadrilles, Sicilian circles, mescolanzas and many of the round dance mixers. Some special description of footwork is necessary for the no-partner dances.

Designed for the busy leader

Dances in “Dancing for Busy People” are grouped into sections by dance formation and difficulty. Each step of each dance is described in plain English with supplemental diagrams provided where needed. Examples of the book format, as interpreted by HTML, can be found under Dance. Suggestions for recorded music are provided. The book even provides ‘cue card’ examples for calling or prompting each dance. If you can read aloud and hear the musical beat, you can prompt the dance.

Designed for busy people

The dances are designed to meet the needs of people who wish to have fun dancing without spending an extended period of time in ‘lessons’. Dances are provided for all age groups from the 4th grade in elementary school to retirement communities. Teaching suggestions are included to minimize the amount of instruction needed.

This is the perfect program for recreational centers, college/university courses, church groups, retirement centers, etc. People can enjoy the program year around. They can attend as often or as infrequently as they desire. The dances can include people of all ages. Many of the dances are designed so there is no need for gender identification.

Perfect for beginner dances

The Community Dance Program (CDP) concept encourages the use of many dance formations and types of music. This enables leaders to provide innovative beginner dance programs of 1.5 to 2 hours or more in length using only 8 to 10 basics during any one program. The secret is providing variety by changing the music and dance formation while using the same set of terminology. The book has an appendex B which outlines eight such programs.

A comprehensive resource for an extended program

“Dancing For Busy People” contains adequate dance material to entertain any group of dancers for years. This book pools the knowledge of three of the top recreational dance leaders in the world. Their techniques, their teaching suggestions, their favorite dances and recorded music. Properly used, you should never run out of dance material, from this book, to provide variety for experienced dancers. Much of the material can still be learned quickly and easily by new dancers.

By using terminology that is accepted around the world the program also lays an excellent base of experience for people who wish to move on to other more specialized dance programs as their interests expand or when they move to communities that have specialized dance groups.

One tough book

The book is over 320 pages and measures 5.5 X8.5 inches and is bound with the Otabind process which allows the book to be opened flat.

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