Teaching New Dancers

Teaching BeginnersDesigned for Elementary and Secondary School Teachers.

The 18 dances featured in this short book use only four basics.  Circle Right/Left,  Forward & Back, Arm Turns, Star Right/Left.  These four basics are used in big circles, line dances, contra dance, square dances, trios, and mixers. This enables the teacher to teach only four dance movement and then to use these same movements in various ways to provide a great deal of variety in dances.

Recommended Music

The music recording recommended in the book are all available as MP3 files from places such as ITunes and Amazon.  In addition, most of the dances can be easily adapted to other music.

Perfect for beginner dancers and beginner Dance Teachers

Many children in schools have had little or no experience in dancing. Many teachers have little experience in teaching dancing.  The dances require no special footwork.   Most of the dances can be taught by showing the dance routines.

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