LSF Elementary Dances

You can find the following Elementary Dances on the Lloyd Shaw Foundation website.

You can listen to a sample of the music by clicking on the Music #.   You can listen to a vocal version by clicking on the Vocal #.  You can see printable instructions by clicking on Inst.

NameMusic #Vocal #LengthBPMCommentsInstructions
A ‘Hunting We Will Go12:12118Inst
A Maypole Dance22:39116Maypole DanceInst
Ach Ja!53:01121Inst
All Join Hands891:40123Fisher’s HornpipeInst
Bongo783:28143Drums mostlyInst
Brier Rosebud852:45147Inst
Bridge of Avignon872:42153Inst
Captain Jinks1042:19122Inst
Children’s Polka1191:40133Inst
Chimes of Dunkirk1201:52124Inst
Chopsticks1222:41105Big CircleInst
Circassian Circle1293:24127Square Dance ReelInst
Clap Dance for Threes1301:49118Hamilton’s ReelInst
Colorado Waltz1353:00100Trio facing threesInst
Come Let Us Be Joyful1382:53106
Crested Hen1562:1093
Dance of the Little Birds1173:1793Chicken Dance. Birdie DanceInst
Danish Dance of Greeting1601:41133Inst
Danish Schottische1612:39158Long’s Peak SchottischeInst
Did You Ever See a Lassie1671:54101Inst
Ding Dong Daddy1722:28172Hand JiveInst
Elephants Playing2021:44129Inst
Five Little Chickadees2201:36100VocalInst
Go Forward & Back2472463:58136Music is Square Dance Reel. A Square DanceInst
Good Night Ladies2502:58128Inst
Grand March733:55135Blue Bells of Scotland
Gustaf’s Skoal2633:16124Inst
Hansel & Gretel2662:0195Inst
Heads, Shoulder, Knees & Toes2742:39117Inst
Hippy Hop to the Barber Shop2821:32111Inst
Hokey Pokey2832843:04136Inst
How Do You Do, My Partner2902:35111Inst
I See You2972:29101Inst
Irish Washerwoman6/8 music E-11 The catalog list a bogus dupInst
Jefferson's Reel4154:15126Vocal does not agree with instrumentalInst
Jolly is the Miller3191:43127Vocal onlyInst
Jump Jim Joe3242:20151Inst
La Raspa3392:28137Inst
Let Your Feet Go Tap, Tap, Tap3472:51115Inst
Looby Loo3622:29101Inst
Noble Duke of York4091:59No InstrumentalInst
Oats, Peas, Beans & Barley Grow4152:36101Inst
Oh Susannah4193:07129Inst
Paw Paw Patch4512:14117Inst
Pease Porridge Hot4542:1998Inst
Phrase Craze3:313:31134TrioInst
Pop Goes the Weasel4651:44126Inst
Pussy Cat Pussy CatInst
Rig-A-Jig Jig4852:39120Inst
Ring Around the Rosie4881:04109Inst
Round & Round the Village4943:2098Levi Jackson RoseInst
Sandman (Japanese)3092:13138Inst
Seven Jumps5153:02180Inst
Shoemaker’s Dance5202:00152Inst
Split the Ring539Not Ed's ReelInst
Swedish Clap Dance5573:39109Inst
Ten Little Indians5692:38121Inst
Thady You Gander5795802:28143Four facing fourInst
The Farmer in the Dell2092:39117Inst
The Happy Clap Dance2672:13104Inst
The Happy Waltz2682:2395Inst
The Irish Lilt3041:37136ShortInst
The Jolly Musicians3203:0497Inst
The Muffin Man4032:13122Inst
The Schottische5103:00151The Cowboy SchottischeInst
The Snail5272:36127nst
The Swing5611:34125Inst
The Thread Follows the Needle5831:39179Inst
The Wheat6411:2798Inst
Virginia Reel6176155:22126Little Brown JugInst
Walk Right In6202:18128Amos MosesInst
Waltz BallonetWaltz of the Flowers ?
Weaver's Reel6356344:16127Topsy Turvy E-17Inst
Yankee Doodle6592:16135Inst