LSF Reels J-Z

The following table contains Reel music used for Contra Dances.  The number of times the tune is repeated is indicated in the (# of X) column. Many of the selections have multiple tunes.  You can listen to a short sample of the music by clicking the LSF# in the second column.  When there are multiple tunes, you will hear only the first tune.

 Dance NameMusic ## of XLengthBPMTunesMusic TypeComments
Jefferson's Reel (instrumental).mp3Jefferson’s Reel3118X4:161261ReelLow Rumble
John Brown's March (instrumental).mp3John Brown’s March31612X6:351221Reel
Julianne Johnson (instrumental).mp3Julianne Johnson32314X7:261232ReelTwo Tunes Good
Kansas City Reel (instrumental).mp3Kansas City Reel33812X6:251221Reel
Knowle Park (instrumental).mp3Knowle Park33612X6:161282ReelGood
Virginia Reel v.2 (instrumental).mp3Little Brown Jug61710X5:231261ReelLittle Brown Jug
Little Burnt Potato (instrumental).mp3Little Burnt Potato1788X4:381162Reel
Lighted Sconce_March of St. Timothy (instrumental).mp3March of St. Timothy3538X4:441141ReelHammer Dulcimer
Miss Moore's Rant (instrumental).mp3Miss Moore’s Rant3978X4:321191ReelGood
Greensleeves [Money Musk] (instrumental).mp3Money Musk2614X2:091211Reel48 beat tune
Ms. Hays' Delight (instrumental).mp3Ms. Hay’s Delight4027X3:401131Reel
Old Raccoon [Raccoon Ramble] (instrumental).mp3Old Raccoon4729X4:351331Reel
Paddy on the Turnpike (instrumental).mp3Paddy on the Turnpike44512X6:541151ReelVery Good
Rachel (instrumental).mp3Rachel47411X6:091191ReelVery Nice Reel
Reel de St. Jean (instrumental).mp3Reel de St. Jean47812X6:371192ReelGood
Reel Eugene (instrumental).mp3Reel Eugene47910X5:511141ReelDifferent
Reel St. Sauveur (instrumental).mp3Reel St. Sauveur48012X6:401191ReelGood
Reunion (instrumental).mp3Reunion48312X6:331213Reel3 Tunes
Ricketts and Rambles (instrumental).mp3Ricketts and Rambles48412X6:461171Reel
Sadie at the Back Door (instrumental).mp3Sadie at the Backdoor50112X6:111282ReelPoor Intro
Shelburne Reel (instrumental).mp3Shelburne Reel6017X3:331251ReelTunnel Contra
Square Dance Reel (instrumental).mp3Square Dance Reel4867X3:141271ReelName probably wrong
St. Anne's Reel (instrumental).mp3St. Anne’s Reel54416X8:311231Reel
Sackett's Harbor [Steamboat Quickstep] (instrumental).mp3Steamboat Quickstep4999X4:341341Reel
The Old Red Barn (instrumental).mp3The Old Red Barn4257X3:401301ReelGood Version
The Old Red Barn v.2 (instrumental).mp3The Old Red Barn #24277X3:521261Reel
The Spider Bit the Baby [Marion's Delight] (instrumental).mp3The Spider Bit the Baby3849X4:581211Reel
Up Jumped the Devil v.1 (instrumental).mp3Up Jumped the Devil #16047X3:311351ReelBetter of the two versions
Up Jumped The Devil v.2 (instrumental).mp3Up Jumped the Devil #26058X4:44126Reel
Virginia Darlin' (instrumental).mp3Virginia Darlin’61212X6:581141ReelGood
Weaver's Reel (instrumental).mp3Weaver’s Reel6358X4:161271ReelGood
Wilshire Tempest (instrumental).mp3Wilshire Tempest6537X3:311172Reel
Year of Jubilo (instrumental).mp3Year of Jubilo66012X6:121271Reel