LSF Reels A-I

The following table contains Reel music used for Contra Dances.  The number of times the tune is repeated is indicated in the (# of X) column. Many of the selections have multiple tunes.  You can listen to a short sample of the music by clicking the LSF# in the second column.  When there are multiple tunes, you will hear only the first tune.

 Dance NameMusic ## of XLengthBPMTunesMusic TypeComments
Combination Rag (instrumental).mp3Combination Rag289X4:561211Rag
Allemand Swiss (instrumental).mp3Allemand Swiss104:471081ReelFull Orchestra and very nice. Elegant
Angus Campbell (instrumental).mp3Angus Campbell1911X6:161171ReelVery Nice Reel
Beaumont Rag v.1 (instrumental).mp3Beaumont Rag #14218X9:101281Reel
Beaumont Rag v.2 (instrumental).mp3Beaumont Rag #2439X5:041181Reel
Bitter Creek (instrumental).mp3Bitter Creek5812X5:491362ReelNixon’s Farewell
Black Mountain Rag (instrumental).mp3Black Mountain Rag5915X7:401301Reel
Booth Shot Lincoln (instrumental).mp3Booth Shot Lincoln8112X6:181252ReelBlue Grass
Brandywine (instrumental).mp3Brandywine8312X6:331231Reel
Ottawa Special [British Sorrow] (instrumental).mp3Britsh Sorrow4369X4:511251Reel
Caledonian Lady (instrumental).mp3Caledonian Lady9811X6:221141ReelNice arrangement
Copecrest Contra (instrumental).mp3Copecrest Contra1447X3:491252ReelPenny Whistle
Dashing White Sergeants (instrumental).mp3Dashing White Sergeant1638X4:151281Reel
Deshutes (instrumental).mp3Deshutes16512X6:401192ReelTwo Tunes Madolin Nice
Dinah (instrumental).mp3Dinah17112X6:351212ReelWake Up Susie
Doctor, Doctor (instrumental).mp3Doctor, Doctor17512X6:051281Reel
Don Tremaine's Reel (instrumental).mp3Don Tremaine’s Reel17612X6:401192ReelVery Nice
Doubtful Shepherd (instrumental).mp3Doubtful Shepherd1836X3:411151Reel
Durang's Hornpipe (instrumental).mp3Durang’s Hormpipe19118X9:271251Reel
Enid's Delight (instrumental).mp3Enid’s Delight2048X5:001081Reel
Evil Diane (instrumental).mp3Evil Diane2089X5:091171ReelGood
Glen Towle (instrumental).mp3Glen Towle3869X5:231121ReelMarket Lass
Granny Does Your Dog Bite (instrumental).mp3Granny Does Your Dog Bite25712X6:281231Reel
Granny's Pearl (instrumental).mp3Granny’s Pearl2588X4:27122Reel
Growling Old Man (instrumental).mp3Growling Old Man, Growling Old Woman1317X4:011171ReelMinor Key Filed in with the Cs
Hawks and Eagles (instrumental).mp3Hawks and Eagles27115X7:261333ReelSo so
I Don't Love Nobody_Up Jumped the Devil (instrumental).mp3I Don’t Love Nobody/Up Jumped the Devel29412X6:551153ReelVery Good, Multiple Tunes (3)
I'll Buy Boots for Maggie_Fletcher's Folly (instrumental).mp3I’ll Buy Boots for Maggie/Fletcher’s Folly2239X4:541252Reel
Indian Reel (instrumental).mp3Indian Reel30130112X6:181241Reel