LSF Patter Calls & Traditional Singing Calls

The following patter call recording and traditional singing calls recordings can be found on the Lloyd Shaw Foundation website.  Click on the LSF# to hear a sample.

NameLSF #LengthLevelComments
All Join Hands and Circle91:40ElemPatter
Allemande Breaks 1113:41MWSDPatter
Allemande Breaks 2113:38MWSDPatter
Allemande Breaks 3133:59MWSDPatter
Arkansas Traveler 1254:02TradPatter
Arkansas Traveler 1263:49TradPatter
Birdie in the Cage Instructions564:37TradSpoken instructions
Birdie in the Cage576:40TradPatter
Chain Two Ladies, Chain 4 Ladies1125:42TradPatter
Corner Hash1463:40MWSDPatter
Crawdad Square1533:42TradSinging Call
Forward Six, Fall Back Eight2346:19TradPatter
Four Gents Star2353:47TradPatter
Just Because3264:01TradSinging Call
Lowdown Hoedown3743:15MWSDPatter
Pennsylvania Polka Square4563:36TradSinging Call
Push ol' Pa, Push ol' Ma4675:29TradPatter Call
Rip & Snort Instructions4892:02TradSpoken Instructions
Rip & Snort4904:18TradPatter Call
Rocky Mountain Docey-Doe4917:13TradPatter Call
Route (The)4955:04TradPatter Call
Sally Goodin'5032:47TradPatter Call
Split the Ring538539TradPatter Call
Square Dance Figures in Twos5414:25TradPatter Call
Star Hash5484:12MWSDPatter Call
Texas Star5783:17TradPatter Call
Trinidad Twister5973:34TradPatter Call
Venus and Mars Stars6104:26TradPatter Call