LSF Contra Dances J-Z

The following Contra Dances are on the Lloyd Shaw Foundation website.

You can listen to a sample of the music by clicking on the Music #.   You can listen to a vocal version by clicking on the Vocal #.  You can see printable instructions by clicking on Inst.

Contra NameMusic #Vocal #LengthBPMCommentsInstructions
January 7 Jig3084:29120Inst
Jefferson’s Reel3115444:16126Low Rumble
Juniper Jig5463256:30121
Lighted Sconce3534:44114Hammer DulcimerInst
Mandolin Contra3793794:38117Very Good, Multiple TunesInst
Marion’s Delight3843854:58121Inst
Market Lass3863875:23112Inst
Maverick Waltz Contra3904:16137Circle ContraInst
Ms. Hay’s Delight4023:40113Inst
Needham Special4044053:19125Inst
New Pretoria4074083:33128Inst
O.A.T.A. Reel4134144:5299Penny Whistle DupInst
Ocean View Reel4164174:54109Inst
Orlando Hornpipe3884356:47116Good
Ottowa Special4364374:51125
Oyster Shucker’s Jig4404415:16127Very GoodInst
Ozark Saturday Night4424433:52126
Paddock Parage6534443:31117
Patty on the Turnpike4454466:54115Very Good
Queen Victoria4684694:16125Inst
Quiet Contra4704713:45133Inst
Rachel4744756:09119Very Nice Reel
Raccoon Ramble4724734:35133Inst
Reichenau Ramble6124826:58114Good
Riley’s Reel4864873:14127Inst
Rusty’s Reel3014976:18124
Sacketts Harbor4995004:34134Inst
Seanna's Reel5125134:35117Inst
Shadrack's Delight #11635164:15128Inst
Shadrack’s Delight #21635174:15128
Slaunch to Donegal1775246:13128Becket’s Reel
Spanking Jack5365374:25122GoodInst
Spring Creek Swing4845406:46117
Swiss Miss2445646:35120Good Version
Terry Lynn’s Jig5725734:15127Inst
The Happy Wanderer3:44129
Tunnel Contra6006013:33125Inst
Virginia Reel6176165:23126Little Brown Jug
Waterfall Waltz6286293:15135
Weaver’s Reel6356344:16127Good
Wheelbarrow Reel6436443:37126Inst
Whisper Ring6456463:54125Inst
Yucca Jig6646653:35125Inst