LSF Contra Dances A-I

The following Contra Dances are on the Lloyd Shaw Foundation website.

You can listen to a sample of the music by clicking on the Music #.   You can listen to a vocal version by clicking on the Vocal #.  You can see printable instructions by clicking on Inst.

Contra NameMusic #Vocal #LengthBPMMusic TypeCommentsInstructions
A Waltz for Terry347:40130Waltz
Aland Island Contra763:19119HornpipeInst
Angus Campbell19206:16117ReelVery Nice ReelInst
Arkansas Lady24236:49116HornpipeInst
Aston Polka558272:18128PopLindy
Aw Shucks28294:56121ReelInst
Balancing Billy34353:47126HornpipeGoodInst
Big John50497:17118HornpipeLow RumbleInst
Big Lake98516:22114ReelNice arrangement
Boone Tavern Reel43805:04118ReelBoone Tavern Reel
Broken Sixpence90914:17125Hornpipe4 potatosInst
Buddy’s Beckett77925:35117HornpipeGood
Callison Hall Jig994:45114JigInst
Calvin Crest6181016:12116HornpipeVery Good
Cayman Island Contra1091104:29133JigInst
Cedar House1621115:02119Reel
Cobb’s Hill Reel1311324:01117ReelMinor Key Filed in with the CsInst
Come & See Me1361374:54124JigPenny WhistleInst
Connecticut Contra101394:47108ReelFull Orchestra and very nice. Elegant
Contra Rotation?140
Copecrest Contra1441453:49125ReelPenny WhistleInst
Denmark in July2941641646:55115ReelVery Good, Multiple Tunes (3)
Dutch Skipper3971934:32119ReelGood
Don’s Dawn Dance1781794:38116ReelInst
Doubtful Shepherd1831843:41115ReelInst
Duke Of Kent’s Waltz Contra1861875:3198WaltzGoodInst
Ed’s Reel #2316Not found at 1996:35122ReelEd’s Reel #1 not found
Enid’s Delight2042055:00108ReelInst
Fletcher’s Folly2232244:54125ReelVery Nice ReelInst
Flying Scotman Hornpipe2282294:32119HornpipeThe Flying ScotsmanInst
Granny’s Pearls2582594:27122Reel
Harrier’s Reel1942706:43118Reel
Here’s to the Fiddler2762774:32121JigInst
Hills of HabershamWaltz
Hole in the Wall2852863:2298WaltzOrch Version
Homosassa Hornpipe2872884:20124HornpipeHeard BeforeInst
Inflation Reel3023034:26124ReelLS 305Inst