The Portland Collection Selection 1

The Portland Collection is contra music from the northwest.  To visit the website click here.  Samples of each of the tunes can be found on their website. You can purchase individual tunes.

Dance Name# of XLengthBPMTunesMusic TypeComments
Basket of Yarn/Blair Atholl/Millbra84:421153ReelBanjo & Fiddle Leads
The Black Cat Jig/Asher53:001152Jig/ReelFiddle Lead BPM 115/118
Bouchard’s Hornpipe/Ice on the Road/Macintyre Trip63:281173HornpipeFiddle Lead
Celina63:411051FolkMandolin & Fiddle Leads. Good listening
Ele Green’s Cakewalk/Judique63:291152ReelFiddle & Banjo Leads
Father Kelly’s3:20FolkStrictly listening. Nice Fiddle
Hommage a Edmond Parizeau42:221181ReelFiddle Lead. Nice for Quadrilles
Le Cultivateur/Evit Grabriel/La Belle Cathrine74:041143ReelBanjo & Fiddle Leads
Liza Jane42:261141ReelMandolin Lead
Merriweather/Sally Ann Johnson63:411102ReelFiddle Lead
Miss Monaghan’s/Cottage in the Grove/The Mason’s Apron73:581153ReelFiddle Lead
Money in Both Pockets/Campbell River/Reunion Jig74:001173JigFiddle Lead
Pretty Peggy64:321342WaltzFiddle & Guitar Lead
Round the Horn42:5896FolkFiddle Lead. Nice Listening
Shamrocks in the Galax/Damon’s Winder/Two Wide Nickels84:301183ReelFiddle Lead
Shoes and Stockings/Johnny Cope/Liza Jane84121263ReelFiddle & Madolin Leads
Star Above the Garter/Reverend Brother’s/The Walk Home84:381153JigFiddle Lead