LSF Singing Calls

You can find the following singing calls on the Lloyd Shaw Foundation website.

You can listen to a sample of the music by clicking on the Music #.   You can listen to a vocal version by clicking on the Vocal #.  You can see printable instructions by clicking on Inst.

NameMusic #Vocal #LengthBPMCommentsInstructionsDance Level
Alone With You14153:39132OKInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Baby Face30313:38130Nice ArrangementInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Back On My Mind32333:56124Nice ArrangementNone
Banjo Picker's Ball36373:56128Nice arrangementInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Barnacle Bill38394:55128OKInstBeginner
Barney Google40413:39127Nice ArrangementInstCurlique = Touch 1/4
Basic 2
Beautiful Texas44453:34134Just BecauseInstHas Cross Trail Thru, Divide
Because Just Because46473:34134Beautiful TexasNone
Between You and Me483:21121SmoothNone
Blue Suede Shoes75763:34133OKInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Bully of the Town93943:20131Hoedown?InstHas Cross Trail Thru
Charming Betsy1141153:47126Nice arrangementInstMainstream
Cindy1231243:39131OKInstHas Cross Trail Thru, Divide
Coon Creek Party Line1421433:44128OKInstBasic 2 (4 Figures)
Cotton Fields1501513:45126OKInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Dime a Dozen1691703:33132OKInstBasic
Divorce Her COD1731743:50124Problem on recordingInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Fickle Heart2112123:05133OKInstBasic
Fire House2142153:45127Nice ArrangementCue Sheet is Blank
Four Leaf Clover2362373:49127Nice arrangementInstBasic
Gate of Love2392403:55129SmoothInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Girl With Golden Hair2412423:04129OKInstBasic
Hazel Eyes2722733:35133Good DixielandInstHas Cross Trail Thru ,Daisy Chain
Hey Good Lookin'2782793:54122OKInstHas Cross Trail Thru
I Don't Know why2922933:51125SmoothNone
I Dream of You2952963:21122SmoothNone
I'm a Bum2993004:59123Traditional callInstTraditional Call, Hand claps
Johnny Oh Polka3173182:51127Very Nice, Big Circle, SwingsNone
Kansas City3296634:11131Nice ArrangementInstBasic
Little Lulu3553563:46125JigInstBasic
Little Spanish Restaurant3593603:39129OKInstHas Box the Flea
Could be Left Arm Turn
Load Mouth3723733:07133OKInstBasic
Mississippi3983994:08118Very little melodyNone
North to Alaska4104113:40129Nice ArrangementInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Old Fashioned Girl4214223:46128Nice ArrangementInstBasic
Old Town Hall4304313:37139SmoothInstHas Dixie Chain
On Top Of The World4334343:42127Good, Basic FigNone
Pennsylvania Polka SQ4554563:36134OKInstBasic
Ramblin' Wreak4764773:47125SmoothNone
Shine5185193:44127OKInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Silver Dew5215223:45126OKInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Smoke on the Water5255263:11127ClassicNone
Solomon Levi5295302:59127ClassicInstBeginner
Somebody Loves You5315323:40130OKInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Square Dance Honeymoon5425433:37129OKInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Sunflower Square5515523:00117Poor recordingInstTraditional
Swanee River5555564:44128OKInstTraditional
Sweet Jennie Lee5595603:40130Nice ArrangementInstMainstream
Swingiin' Man5625634:01126OKInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Old Red Barn #14254263:40130OKInstBasic
Old Red Barn #24274283:52126OK, More modernProblem with cue sheet.
There's Nothing as Sweet as My Baby5815823:39130OKInstBasic
Tipperary5875883:3012696 beat songInstBasic
Trail of the Lonesome Pine5935943:58123ClassicInstBasic
Traveling Minstrel Man5955963:51124Nice ArrangementNone
Walk Right In6193:45128No Instrumental 3:45 version
Way Down South6306313:40130SmoothInstHas Cross Trail Thru
Way Out There6326332:44133OKInstBasic
Weeping Willow6366373:42129SmoothInstAll Eight Chain?
Western Moon6386393:30133Western Cowboy SongInstMain Stream
Whisper Ring6456463:54141Nice ArrangementNone
Whispering Sands6476483:40129OKInstBasic
Who's Sorry Now6496503:51124OKNone
Wildwood Flower6516523:44125OKInstBasic
Ya Gotta Be My Baby6576583:32135OKInstHas Cross Trail Thru
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You5335343:59121SmoothInstHas Cross Trail Thru