LSF Round Dances

The following round dances are listed on the Lloyd Shaw Foundation website.

You can listen to a sample of the music by clicking on the Music #.   You can listen to a vocal version by clicking on the Vocal #.  You can see printable instructions by clicking on Inst.

NameMusic #Vocal #LengthBPMTypeCommentsInstructions
Blackhawk Waltz612:1497WaltzSend Better VersionInst
Blue Pacific Waltz742:45121WaltzInst
Boston Two-Step822:20126Two-StepInst
Butterfly Waltz963:0297WaltzInst
Colorado Waltz1352:11100WaltzInst
Edelweiss (Fiddle)1951:1498Waltz
Edelweiss (Orginal)1971962:57109WaltzBest VersionInst
Five Foot Two2192:51122Two-StepInst
Give Me Your Hand2433:01127Waltz
Glow Worn Gavotte2452:35114GavotteInst
Irish Waltz3052:24149WaltzIrish Lullabye
Laces & Graces3412:37112Two-StepInst
Left Footer's One Step3453461:38108Balling the Jack {Alley Cat is Wrong} Left Footer’s One StepInst
Lullaby Waltz3753:06101Waltz
Make Believe Two-Step3773:05138Two-StepGood
Old Southern Schottische4292:21155SchottischeNot in Catalogue
In Master list
Oxfford Minuet4393:20135Minuet
Pinky Champagne1132:31143WaltzInst
Rye Waltz4:19141WaltzInst
Sandman3092:13138Two Step
St Bernard’s Waltz5452:40164WaltzInst
Tennessee Two-Step5712:33136Two-Step
Teton Mountain Stomp5742:57117
The Happy Waltz2682:2395Waltz
Today (Hand Bells5903:11100WaltzBellsInst
Today (Fiddle)5894:03154WaltzFiddle
Veleta Waltz6082:5397WaltzInst
Waltz Ballonet6224:28135WaltzInst
Yesterday’s Waltz6624:57142Waltz
Ziggy's Polka6662:00117PolkaGood