LSF Quadrilles and Quadrille Music

The following table lists the music in the Lloyd Shaw Foundation catalog that can be used for quadrilles.  This means they are played four times through.  Some of the listing have instructions for a quadrille dance.  You can choose to use those instructions or use figures you like.

You can listen to a sample of the music by clicking on the Music #.   You can listen to a vocal version by clicking on the Vocal #.  You can see printable instructions by clicking on Inst.

Dance NameMusicMusic #Vocal #LengthBPMCommentsInstructions
Boardmoor Promenade88891007126
Candlelight Waltz QuadrilleCandlelight Waltz1021033:01144Inst
Cattle Call Waltz QuadrilleCattle Call Waltz1082:45105Inst
Coronado QuadrilleCoronado1471482:27115Inst
DoSaDo Your Corner All1801812:23117(1) 5 Part Singing Quadrille
First Couple Down Center2162172:27134(2) 5 Part Singing QuadrilleInst
Flower Girl WaltzFlower Girl Waltz2272273:03135(5) 5 Part Singing Quadrille
Grand Square QuadrilleBye Bye My Baby2542562:46128Inst
Isle of Capri QuadrilleIsle of Capri3073:38115Two-step
Little Old Long Cabin in the Lane3573583:11132(3) 5 Part Singng Quadrille
Northern Lights QuadrilleBlackberry Quadrille604124:39125Jig
Queen's QuadrilleSweet Georgia Brown5582:18124
Reflections QuadrilleLover's Waltz4813:30120Inst
Serenada Quadrille5352:49110SorrentoInst
Swiss Quadrille Medley Part 15651:24171
Swiss Quadrille Medley Part 256621:3695
Tip Top QuadrilleTip Top5855862:56123Inst
Waltz the Girl Behind You6246253:37141(4) 5 Part Singing Quadrille
Windmill QuadrilleKrusel-Konter6556552:57118Inst
Scottish Sword Dance5112:22118
You Are My Sunshine5532:26122
Crossing on the Ferry5672:18122
Yankee Doodle6592:16135