LSF Mixers

The following dance mixers are on the Lloyd Shaw Foundation website.  Some are very easy to do and are identified by “Walking” in the comments section.  Some of the mixers require knowing some round dance steps. Printable instructions can be accessed from the “Inst” cells for each mixer.

You can listen to a sample of the music by clicking on the Music #.   You can listen to a vocal version by clicking on the Vocal #.  You can see printable instructions by clicking on Inst.

NameMusic #Vocal #TimeBPMCommentsInstructions
Bingo Waltz54553:29143Waltz footwork
C.J. Mixer972:17107WalkingInst
Crazy Daisy Mixer1541552:40108Two-step footwork (Vine)Inst
Good Night Ladies2502:58128WalkingInst
Hi! Mixer2801:47118WalkingInst
I Don't Know Why2923:51125WalkingInst
Isle of Capri Mixer3073:38115Two-step footworkInst
Jiffy Mixer3152:28141Chug stepInst
Johnny Oh Polka3173182:51127Inst
Joy Mixer3223:0993Waltz footworkInst
La Charrita3942:58124Mexican MixerInst
Lancashire Barn Dance3423432:03116WalkingInst
Light in the Window3503523:14134Walking
Manning's Mixer3823834:49128Vine step & walkingInst
Oklahoma Mixer4202:21154Some easy footworkInst
Patty Cake Pokla4492:35122Walking & hand clapsInst
Peace in the Valley4524531:03121Waltz, footworkInst
Sunshine Mixer5535542:26122Walking & hand clapsInst
The Flea Market2212222:49150Waltz footworkInst
Waltzing Matilda Mixer.6266272:59VarWaltz & two-step footwork