Colorado Dancers Videos

The following table connects to YouTube videos of the Colorado Dancers and other performance groups.  There are a variety of dances to be seen and lots of interesting stuff.  Click on the name of the video to access the video.  You can also sort the video and search by name.  Have fun.

Video NameComments
Aggie HayloftersNSDC 2008
Double Square
Basic Sicilian CircleDance Demo
Battle of New OrleansNSDC 2005
Dancing Jewels
Bridge QuadrilleDance Demo
Bridge QuadrilleNSDC 2008
Bunches of FiveDance Demo
Cheyenne Mountain DancersNSDC 2008
Colorado Double SquareNSDC 2005
Shows fill 6 minute set.
Colorado Square Dance History 1Part 1 CALLERLAB Conv 2007
Cheyenne Mtn Dancers
50's Hoedown
Alabama Jubilee
Colorado Square Dance History 2Part 2 CALLERLAB Conv 2007
Steppin' Out
Aggie Haylofters Double Square
Colorado Square Dance History 3Part 3 CALLERLAB Conv 2007
DoDiDo Hoedown
Salty Dog Rag
Hole in the Wall
Aston Polka
Really Richard's
Colorado Square Dance History 4Part 4 CALLERLAB Conv 2007
Rory O'More Contra
Por Qua No Contra
Lady of Spain
Eight Couple Square Dancing HCD
Colorado Square Dance History 5Part 5 CALLERLAB Conv 2007
Blackhawk Waltz
Waltz of the Bells
Leve Jackson Rag (20 couples)
Colorado Square Dance History 6Part 6 CALLERLAB Conv 2007
Bunches of Five
Rky Mtn Dancers Hex set
Colorado Dance History 7Part 7 CALLERLAB Conv 2007
Grand Star Sicilian Circle
Calico & Boots Colo UnivNSDC 2008
Calico & Boots Square by HCD
Chipita QuadrilleNSDC 2008
Chitipa Quadrille
Coronado QuadrilleDance Demo
Coronado Quadrille 08NSDC 2008
Cornado Quadrille
Dip & Dive SquareNSDC 2008
Dip & Dive Square - Bob Riggs
Frayley's FrolicDance Demo
Jack Go BackDance Demo
High Country Dancers Dbl SqNSDC 2005
High Country Square
Jump Start Circle DanceDance Demo
Just BecauseDance Demo
Just Because 08NSDC 2008
Singing Call - Bob Riggs
Kansas City Singing CallDance Demo
Lady of SpainNSDC 2008
Round Dance by Hight Country Dancers
Levi Jackson Rag #1Dance Demo
Levi Jackson Rag RMDNSDC 2005
Rocky Mtn Dancers
NDA ContraDance Demo
Pappy Shaw & SD Dance History DancersNSDC 2008
Lloyd Shaw and Cheyenne Mountain School
Popcorn QuadrilleDance Demo
Siesta In SevillaDance Demo
Sally Goodin SquareNSDC 2008
Patter Call - Cal Campbell
Steppin' OutNSDC 2005
Colorado Dancers
Steppin' Out 08NSDC 2008
Full cast
Evolution of SD 1940-1960NSDC 2008
Square Dancing from 1940 t0 1960
The WeaverDance Demo
Theil's TrioDance Demo
Windmill QuadrilleNSDC 2005
Colorado Dancers
Yellow Polka Dot BikiniNSDC 2005
Dancing Jewels
VarsouviannaNSDC 2008
Full Cast
Waltz of the Bells 08NSDC 2008
Full Cast
Two Circle DancesNSDC 2008
Grand Star Sicilian CIrcle
Maverick Waltz
KanonwaltzerNSDC 2008
Blackhawk WaltzNSDC 2008