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Hully Gully

Hully Gully

Ben Highberger

Formation: Scattered around the floor all facing the same wall to start.

Record:  “Pink Cadillac ” by Bruce Springsteen  Click here for a sample of the music on Amazon.

“Little Black Book” by Jimmy Dean  Click here for a sample of the music on Amazon.


1-8  Starting with the right foot, step to right. Step behind with the left foot. Step to the side with the right foot (Vine Right). The 4th step is a short kick with the left foot. The same action is repeated moving to the left and starting with the left foot, crossing behind with the right foot, stepping to the side with the left foot and kicking forward with the right foot. (Vine Left)

9-20  Starting with the right foot take 2 slow steps forward, then 3 quick steps with a right face on the 3rd quickstep & kick forward with the left foot on the 4th count. Back up 3 steps and pause 1 beat with the weight on the left foot.

Bob Howell and Ollie Mae Ray have published an excellent book titled ” Easy Level Solo Dances— The Bob Howell Collection.” The book is available from Siddle and Ray Publications for Dance, 1017 Williamsburg Drive, Charleston, IL, 61920. One of the first dances in the book is a “Golden Oldie” done to the tune of Ally Cat (ATCO 45-6226). The record can still be ordered from some record shops or from Wagon Wheel Records Even though this is an old tune, it still makes a hit with younger generations because the music is excellent and the dance is quite different from the usual solo routine.

Welcome to the new Dancing for Busy People Website


The latest resource to be added is a collection of videos about dancing.  The videos are from performances of the Colorado Dancers and other performance groups.  You will find many dances that are suitable for community dancing.  To access the page click here or go to the pages and select Colorado Dancers Videos.

I added a new resource.  This is a fine collection of Contra Dance music from the northwest.  The table has links to the website and samples of music.

The D4BP Blog at right now has most of the action.  I’ve been posting to the blog about twice a week.

Over the next several months, this site will hopefully grow greatly.  My plan is to turn it into a library for dance material, music sources, books, references, etc. for dances.  The collection will mostly be related to dances that can be easily taught and danced by anyone who can walk.  Some of the dances will even be danceable by dancers in wheelchairs and the elderly who can only sit.  They also need to dance. The dance formations and types are listed in the header above.  I’m sure I have not listed everything.

The music that will be recommended will be music that is currently available.  If possible, it will also be available in a digital format.  I eventually hope to be able to find a way to allow you to hear samples of some of the music that is not available on sources such as ITunes, and the Lloyd Shaw Foundation website and the Country Dance and Song Society.

There is a companion website to this library.  It is the Dancing for Busy People Blog.  It can be found at  On that blog, I will post the latest dances and music and resources, I have found and also some of the favorite stuff I have used for years.  I will discuss teaching techniques and so on.  Hopefully, it will be a lively place where we can talk.  I’m also going to use it as a place for me to climb on my soapbox about my personal views about dancing designed for busy people.

So, I invite you to access the blog and subscribe.  I also invite you to return frequently to this site and see what is being added.  Take a look at the two books. There are both very detailed sources for dances.

Thank you for stopping by.  I’ll look forward to you next visit.