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Cotton Eyed Joe Mixer

Cotton Eyed Joe Mixer

Author Unknown

Formation: Single circle of couples with men facing partner counterclockwise and ladies facing clockwise.

Record: Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex .  Click here to listen to a sample of the music on Amazon.


Intro: Wait 8 beats

    1-2  Join left hands, kick left foot to right twice.

    3-4  Polka step (L,R,L) sliding across face to face with your partner

    5-6  Join right hands, kick foot to the left twice.

    7-8  Polka step (R,L,R) sliding across face to face with your partner

  9-16  Repeat 1-8

17-24  Four Polka steps once around, with left hands joined palms up. End facing the original direction. (Men CCW, Ladies CW)

25-32  Use 4 Polka steps to pass by the next dancer with a right hand touch and stop facing the next (2nd) dancer with left hands joined.

 Editors Note: The polka steps can be replaced by 4 forward two-steps as in the original dance.

10 O’Clock Mixer

10 O’Clock Mixer

Al Brozek

Formation: Circle of couples all facing COH

Record: Grenn 12180 “Lay Some Happiness On Me”


Intro  – – – -, Everybody Forward & Back

    1-8  – – – -, Forward & Back Again –

  9-16  – – – -, Face & Heel & Toe In

17-24  – – Heel & Toe Out , – – Heel & Toe In

25-32  – – Heel & Toe out, Step to the Left & All Walk

33-40  – – – -, UTurn Back & Find Your Partner

41-48  – – – -, Turn Partner Left All the Way Around

49-56  – – – -, Swing New Corner Round & Round

57-64  – – Face Center, Everybody Forward & Back


    1-8  With all hands joined, starting with man’s right foot and ladies left foot, everyone walk four steps toward the center of the hall and then back away four steps

  9-16  Repeat 1-8 to end with the man and the lady turning 1/4 to face each other. All the ladies will be facing CCW around the hall and the men will be facing CW.

17-24  Beginning with man’s left foot and ladies right foot do a heel and toe and then slide two steps toward COH. Change foot lead to the other foot and heel and toe and slide two steps toward the wall.

25-32  Repeat 17-24

33-40  Each person steps to their left to walk single file around the circle. Men moving CW (inside) and ladies moving CCW (outside).

41-48  U-turn Back to move the other direction (Men CCW and Ladies CW) until they reach their partner.

49-56  Turn partner with a Left Arm Turn once around and proceed to the new corner.

57-64  Swing the corner, put her on the man’s right hand side to end facing COH as new


Molly Mixer

Molly Mixer

Ken Kernen

Formation: Couples in a single circle, hands joined facing COH

Record: MacGregor 2028


Intro  – – – -, Join Hands Circle Left

    1-8  – – – -, – – Circle Right

  9-16  – – – -, Everybody Forward & Back

17-24  Face Your Partner & DoSaDo

25-32  – – – -, With Your Corner DoSaDo

33-40  – – – -, Same Corner Swing

41-48  – – – -, – – All Promenade

49-56  – – – -, – – – –

57-64  – – Back Out, Join Hands & Circle Left




Intro Wait 8 counts

1-8 Circle Left

9-16 Circle Right

17-24 Forward & Back

25-32 Partner DoSaDo

33-40 Corner DoSaDo

41-48 Corner Swing

49-64 All Promenade

Jiffy Mixer

Jiffy Mixer

Jerry & Kathy Helt

Formation: Double circle, partners facing in butterfly position. The man’s back is to the center of the hall. Directions are given for the man.

Record: Lloyd Shaw 315.  Click here to listen to music.


 Intro – – – -, Heel & toe then side close side

    1-8  – – – -, – – The other way back

  9-16  – – – -, – – Chug & clap

17-24  – – – -, Slant right get a new partner

25-32  – – – -, – – Heel & toe 


    1-8 In butterfly position (partners facing, both hands joined, out to sides, shoulder high) touch left heel out to left, then touch left toe along side right foot. Repeat. (Heel, Toe, Heel, Toe) Move counterclockwise by stepping to left on left foot, close right to left, step left to side again and touch right alongside of left, keeping weight on left. (Side, Close, Side, Touch) (Ladies footwork is opposite the man’s)

  9-16 Repeat the above action using the other foot and moving in the opposite direction.

17-24 Drop hands, partners “chug” (with weight on both feet take a short jump backwards) away from each other 4 times, man backing in towards the center of the hall, lady backing away toward the wall. Both “chug” on the down-beat of the music and clap hands on the up-beat of the music. (Chug, Clap, Chug, Clap, etc.)

25-32 Start with the left foot and move, diagonally right, to a new partner with 4 slow swaggering steps. Finish in a butterfly position to begin the dance again.

Note: People that have knee problems can just back away in 4 slow steps instead of Chug. Jiffy Mixer is an excellent dance to use where children are dancing with adults. Place the children in the middle of the circle facing the adults on the outside of the circle. You can also eliminate changing partners.

If you are doing a father/daughter dance, it is better to have the girls in the center of the big circle facing out and the dads facing in.  This allows better control.

C. J. Mixer

Judy and I wrote this dance several years ago to preserve an excellent piece of music.  The song is “Everybody Loves a Lover,”

C. J. Mixer

Calvin & Judy Campbell

Formation: Couples in a circle, lady on man’s right, facing counterclockwise around the hall. Varsouvianna dance position (see note). Footwork is the same for the man and the lady. Directions are given for the man.

Record: LS 97 “C.J. Mixer” Click here to hear a sample of the music.


Intro  – – – -, – – – -, – – – -, – – – Walk Forward

1-8  – – Turn backup, – – – Go forward

  9-16  – – Turn backup, – – – Star Left

17-24  – – – -, – – – Star Right

25-32  – – – -, With new partner walk forward


    1-8  In varsouvianna position, walk forward counterclockwise around the hall 3 steps. While maintaining the hand hold, turn 1/2 right face individually on 4th step to face clockwise with lady on outside and the man on inside. The lady is now on the left side of the man. Back up counterclockwise around the circle 4 steps. (A total of 8 steps moving counterclockwise.)

  9-16  Walk forward around the circle clockwise 3 steps and turn 1/2 left face as a couple on the 4th step to face counterclockwise. This places the lady back on the right side of the man. Back-up clockwise with 4 steps. (A total of 8 steps moving clockwise.)

17-24  Drop right hands but keep left hands joined and guide the lady to the inside of the circle making a Left Hand Star (2 hand Star). Turn the Two Hand Star for 6 steps; then turn around in 2 steps and Star Right.

25-32  Turn the Right Hand Star for 6 steps. On steps 7 and 8 the man moves back (clockwise) and lady forward (counterclockwise) to a new partner and resume varsouvianna position ready to repeat the dance.

Ending: Walk forward 3 steps and turn. Backup 4 steps. Walk forward 3 steps and turn. Backup 3 steps. Face your partner & bow.

 Note: Varsouvianna position – The lady on man’s right and both are facing counterclockwise around the hall. The man’s right hand and arm is extended behind the lady’s back slightly above the shoulder of the lady and holding the lady’s right hand. The man should be careful to not rest his right arm on the lady’s right shoulder. The lady’s left hand and arm is in front of the man at shoulder level holding the man’s left hand.

Phrase Craze Mixer

Phrase Craze Mixer

Lou Hyll

Formation: Circle of couples facing counterclockwise, inside hands joined, lady on man’s right. Begin on outside foot.

Record: LS 459 “Phrase Craze  Click here to hear a sample of the music.


Intro  – – – -, – – – Walk

    1-8  – – – -, – – Face, Back Away

  9-16  – – Clap and Stamp, One on the right DoSaDo

17-24  – – – -, – – – Swing

25-32  – – – -, – – – Walk


Intro Wait 4 Counts

    1-8  Walk 7 steps forward, turn to face partner on the 8th count.

  9-16  Back away from your partner with four steps. On counts 13 and 14 clap hands three times quickly. On counts 15 and 16 stamp feet three times quickly. The claps and the stamps will occur during a break in the music.

17-24  Walk forward diagonally to the right to a new partner and DoSaDo.

25-32  Swing new partner. End facing counterclockwise, inside hands joined.